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So How About Donating To Our Cause?                 CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!
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Round Two: 2009

Round Two: 2009
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We’re Ready to Race!

Need we say that we got up before the buttcrack of dawn again today?! Well, we did. Again. And now it’s after 10pm and we’re still not in bed. But we’re feeling ready, excited, happy to have spent a good time with family today, and eager to just get this show on the road. Air. Sky.Whatever….

The V’raptor is all bright and shiny. We’re fed, packed, chilled, planned, and ready. Today was a lot of family stuff. Kelly’s posse and Erin’s mom were kind enough to hang with us for lunch. Mexican again. J And Jan, the trusty co-pilot’s maternal unit is doing us a huge favor by taking a bunch of our miscellaneous crap to be shipped to the Terminus in Iowa. Huge favor. Thanks, Madre!

So with the family thing done, a bunch more hours of mandatory racer briefings behind us (whoohoo -- they're letting us do dual fly-bys this year!) and our stuff ready to go, there really isn’t much else to tell you.

And with that, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves….

The Velociraptor. The Wonder Chariot. The Deb.

The real reason we're doing this.... (because surely it's not the fun!)

That pesky Minnetta again....

Captain Kelly's Proud Parental Units

Would suck to break a leg now, wouldn't it?!

The Posse of Classic #7

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