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Round Two: 2009

Round Two: 2009
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meetings, Mexican Food and Munchkins

Another busy day dawned early for us on our second day in Denver. Kelly got up really early to take the Velociraptor up for a test flight with a race official in order to help determine our handicap speed (this year we’re fortunate to have it happen before the race!). After a bit more debugging of the airplane she headed back to the hotel and we both took the treadmills for a spin. And for those of you flatlanders wondering, the mile-high altitude indeed does make an hour-long run feel longer!

Our first Race item of the day was a few hours at a local hangar for the private screening of a documentary film on the famed woman flier Pancho Barnes and her Happy Bottom Riding Club. While we were there, we were interviewed by the cute young daughters of the editor of the local airport newspaper. Unfortunately we had to leave before the end of the film due to the fact that our first mandatory racer briefing overlapped with the screening.

The afternoon left us free to jet out for some yummy Mexican food before our Annual ARC Shopping Adventure. It’s become our custom to heighten the level of intimidation by wearing matching outfits. This year we managed to find cute black and white short dresses to do the trick. The dinner banquet yielded some nice compliments on our wardrobe and a few funny photos.

Our buddy Minnetta (who lovingly nicknamed our bird “The Velociraptor”) has been a prime target for our trash-talking this year, and tonight we continued the abuse with photo-slamming. She’s such a fun target!

Tomorrow’s another really long day so we’re hitting the sack for tonight (actually, Captain Kelly’s been asleep for some time now). But check back tomorrow for more adventures of our last full day of Denver ground dwelling….

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  1. OMG--were your heads photo-shopped into these pics???? I love them!!