So How About Donating To Our Cause? CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!

So How About Donating To Our Cause?                 CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!
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Round Two: 2009

Round Two: 2009
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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Paperwork's Rolling In!

Today we got our first official email from the ARC staff!  With just over 7 weeks to go before we head south to Denver we're starting to get to the nitty gritty of the work.  But this year's pre-race paperwork and preparations will be much less complicated than last year's.  Kelly did all of the difficult and time-consuming work regarding The Velociraptor's logbooks last year (how many hundreds of hours spent?!) and she was very clever to put them on a CD and make them all electronic.  So this year, with only a year's worth of flying and maintenance to enter, at the click of a mouse they'll be zapped over to the race officials making the whole process far more fun for Captain Kelly.

This week we'll go over the paperwork for the Race Start Stuff.  Hotel reservations, banquet information, family gatherings (we'll both have family meeting us for the start this year!) and the like.  We've got to order race numbers, do route planning, start talking strategy (though for us that's pretty much staying out of the clouds!).  

And fundraising.  There's always money for Angel Flight Central to raise (yeah, now would be a great time to click on that big button at the top of this blog if you haven't yet donated!).  

So we'll post more as more happens.  For now, we'll just be happy to have a busy May behind us (Kelly's running another marathon this month) and be ever-closer to Launch Day in Denver!

Erin & Kelly

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