So How About Donating To Our Cause? CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!

So How About Donating To Our Cause?                 CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!
We're Giving ALL of the Money We Raise (EVERY SINGLE PENNY) To This Very Important Charity

Round Two: 2009

Round Two: 2009
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hotel Recon. -- CHECK!

We have no news of substance to report.  Other than we checked out the hotel situation along the Race route and we're pleasantly surprised by what we found!  

So the lastest plan is that we'll be departing on the 18th en route to DEN, but we've elected to stop for the night in IOW to hang with buddies who are also flying in the ARC.  We've booked a room at this cool aviation-themed hotel (can you guess which room?!):

We'll hang with our racing buddies then launch in formation the next morning for the long flight down to DEN.  Actually, we'll have to give them a 6-hour head-start or they'd be left in our wake.  :)  It would be fun to fly in formation, but the Velociraptor just won't go that slow, even with gear and flaps down....  Sorry girls!  

Oh, I almost forgot: we have a bona fide donation link on the Angel Flight Central website now.  So when you click on our AFC link above, it'll take you to their main donation page.  Be sure to click on the drop-down menu and select "Women's Air Race Classic" so we can be sure to keep an accurate count of how much money we've raised for this really cool organization!

Here's wishing you a great week and speedy tailwinds!
E & K

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