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So How About Donating To Our Cause?                 CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW!!!!
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Round Two: 2009

Round Two: 2009
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pre-Banquet Shenanigans

Today started with yet another an early morning, mandatory meeting, which was mostly uneventful. After blowing that joint we scurried off to downtown (ghost town) Atlantic in search of grub. The only place in town to eat was "Ready-Maid", a cool little diner. See attached photos.

After scarfing some fried, fatty stuff (hey, we're no longer concerned about weight and balance issues!) we darted over for pedicures (yes, folks, Kelly was going to have one too), but discovered that all of today's appointments were already booked. Looks like the other racers beat to it! :) So we booked massages instead -- a lovely way to spend our last afternoon in this sleepy and very friendly little Iowa town! We definitely underestimated this place and have been pleasantly surprised!

Back to the hotel after lunch and a trip to the toy section of the local Five & Dime to paint our toe nails ourselves since there were no appointments for the pros left. We discovered that neither one of us is very good at applying blue and yellow paint to one another's toes and for the time being we've decided to keep our day jobs.

Most of the other racers piled into a bus and drove 45 minutes to check out the local aviation museum. Personally, we're about airplaned out for a weekend and decided to do the massage thing instead. An hour slathered in grease, allowing the drool to flow freely, was a nice way to spend our afternoon.

So now we just have a few more hours before the awards banquet starts. Hopefully you all have your fingers and toes crossed for our high placing. We'll see very soon just how well you did!

So check back tonight (or first thing in the morning for you early-to-bed, early-to-risers) for the Results of the 2009 Air Race Classic!

Meanwhile, below is documentation of our rather uneventful day.

Excited and Nervous,
K & E

Cammie and Gene Nora (#18) They were one of the slowest teams but thanks to the makers of little plastic medallions, they're winners in our eyes!

A few days ago Cammie mistakenly shared with us her fear of snakes....

Cammie discovered a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon -- reading the paper and slurping a chocolate milkshake!

Gene Nora's an excellent pilot, but we take every opportunity we can to make fun of her parking "skills"!

In honor of The Velociraptor, The Wonder Chariot, The Mighty Yellow and Blue Debonair!

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